EduPAAS Installation

Follow below steps to install ImgSocial Script 

  1. Download the script from your download page of after purchase.
  2. Unzip the file to your desktop 
  3. Create database and database-username in your hosting.
  4. Once complete step 4. Login to your PhpMyAdmin 
  5. Click on Import Tab.
  6. Click on Upload and Select "edupaas.sql" file
  7. Once Imported.
  8. Open "edupaas/app/config/database.php" and "adminpanel/control/config/database.php" file . Edit your "database name", "username" and "password". Once updated , save it.

  9. Open "edupaas/app/config/mail.php" and "adminPanel/control/config/mail.php" file.  Edit line no. 58 to your name and address like below :-
    'from' => ['address' => '', 'name' => 'Your Site NAme'],?
  10. Open "adminPanel/control/.env" file and update ( APP_ENV , APP_DEBUG , APP_URL) like below :-

Once all done, Open your site, It should be all up and Running.

Default Admin details :-

Email :- info[at]

Password:- abcdef

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